Idea and vision

On an island in Daugava, Koknese, The Garden of Destiny grows.​ ​

​​It is a symbol of nation’s continuous growth and development. Similarly, as the Monument of Freedom, the Garden of Destiny is made from donations. It is a nation’s gift to Latvia on its centenary. The Garden of Destiny is a place where an excellent environmental architecture meets the beauty of Koknese peninsula and the power of river Daugava. The Garden is made from the Friend Alley that includes apple tree lane with cobblestone road, oak embosomed Amphitheater, Virtual memorial building and the Big mountain.

The Observation terrace offers a beautiful view from river Daugava to Koknese church. Heart stone welcomes just married couples on their wedding day. The Garden of Destiny is a popular place for travelers, foreign visitors, families, couples and wedding guests. It is also a beloved place for family gatherings, pleasure trips and culture events.