Idea and vision

As a symbol of nation’s continuous growth and development, the Garden of Destiny is taking shape on the banks of the River Daugava at Koknese.​ ​


These 22 hectares of parkland, funded through public donations, is comparable to the Freedom Monument which previous generations gifted to their nation. The best of landscape architecture is crafting this extensive garden to reveal the beauty of the Koknese peninsula and the power of river Daugava.

The garden is comprised of several areas: a cobblestoned ‘Friendship’ avenue lined by apple trees; an amphitheatre embraced by oak trees; a multifunctional memorial building; a Big mountain; a heart shaped stone to welcome wedding parties; and a riverside observation terrace located to best provide a view of the Koknese Church.

The Garden of Destiny has become a popular destination for visitors from home and overseas: for leisure or for weddings and functions.