Island history

Latvians first inhabited the area of Koknese in the 7th century and within two centuries a society had developed.

The territory now occupied by the Garden of Destiny was named “Krievkalns” also known as “Krīvkalns” its proximity to the river Daugava made it a popular area for rafting. In 1847, an Orthodox Church was built nearby. There is archealogical evidence of wars including World War One, 1914, which has left its mark of trenches in the garden territory. In 1935 the first and only harvest festival in Koknese which attended by the then president Kārlis Ulmanis. The 1965 flooding of the island was a result of the construction of the Plaviņu hydroelectric power station. ​

During the Soviet era, this territory was used for agriculture and also as an aerodrome. In 2005 Koknese municipality renamed ‘Krievkalns’ as Koknese Island. In 2008, this island became a part of the Garden of Destiny.