Island history

First Latvians inhabited Koknese in the 7th century of this era and in a time period of 2 centuries formed their society.

​The Garden of Destiny territory was named “Krievkalns” also known as “Krīvkalns”. River Daugava was a famous place for rafting.  In 1847, Orthodox Church was built in a territory nearby Krievkalns. In 1914, territory experienced first Wolrd War - as evidenced by remains of entrenchment in the territory of The Garden of Destiny. First Harvest celebration in Latvia happened on the Island and was visited by president Kārlis Ulmanis. In 1965, Island got flooded due to the building of Plaviņu hydroelectric power station. ​

In the Soviet era, territory was used for agriculture for a short period of time - as an aerodrome. In 2005, Krievkalns was renamed by Koknese municipality as Koknese Island. In 2008, Island became a part of The Garden of Destiny.