Donations in kind

It is possible to support the Garden of Destiny by donating services or necessary materials.

You can support the Garden of Destiny not only by donating financial resources but also donating services and needed materials. For example, building materials, construction supplies and tools, informative materials, and support, etc.

Contact us or call +371 2549 5544.

The Garden of Destiny would appreciate donations of listed items:

1. Security cameras (amount - 2)

2. Sea container (amount - 1)

3. Entry barriers (amount - 1)

4. Lifting Barrier (amount - 2)

5. Electric generator (amount - 2)

6. Water pump with a combustion engine (amount – 1)

7. Tractor (amount – 1)

​All donators - both individuals and legal persons in Latvia - have the opportunity to receive the income tax rebates, because “Koknese Foundation” has the public benefit organization status​