The Garden of Destiny Friendship  avenue


Write your name in Latvia – in The Garden of Destiny friendSHIP aVENUE!


See your name engraved on the cobblestones! 
The 8 metre wide and 200 metre long avenue avenue is paved with 113 000 locally sourced and cut cobblestones. Each stone is engraved with either your name or the name of your nominated beneficiary.All donations to the “Koknese Foundation” are tax deductible. Please note that the foundation has been granted charity status https://www6.vid.gov.lv/VID_PDB/SLO.



Donate 15 EUR for each cobblestone to be paved into friendship avenue. The stone can be engraved or left blank. If engraved, the name and surname must be written in Latin script, use up to 33 characters and not exceed three words (e.g. two names and one surname, or one name and two surnames).

Follow the avenue’s progress via social media www.draugiem.lv in The Garden of Destiny official page http://www.draugiem.lv/liktendarzs/

Order your engraved cobblestone in http://www.draugiem.lv/liktendarzs/ or throught

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You can also order your cobblestone by payment directly to the “Koknese Foundation”

„Koknese Foundation”

​Address: 75-III Lacplesa Street, Riga, LV-1011

Registration: 40008092535​

Account number: LV10 UNLA 0050 0068 7884 4

Banka: AS SEB Banka


Upon placing the order, specify that the donation is for a cobblestone/s and the name/s and surname/s to be engraved. Include your contact details for future reference.

You can locate your cobblestone online in  http://www.draugiem.lv/liktendarzs/liktendarzs and visit The Garden of Destiny to see it on the avenue