Observation terrace

Observation terrace is made in harmony with Koknese peninsula, emphasizing its unique conformation. It is a place where visitors can experience the beautiful view of Daugava River and Koknese church. ​

Observation terrace is fulfilled with love – it is a popular place for wedding ceremonies. Terrace has a unique design – paths that lead to it organically merges with the building. Two paths that lead to the object are made in two levels – one leads to the bank of river Daugava, other –to a terrace and allows to get on the terrace rooftop. 

Originally Observation terrace was included only as an idea in The Garden of Destiny project. In 2009, the maker of The Garden of Destiny - “Koknese foundation” organized a project competition for university students in which Riga Technical University students Laura Laudere and Didzis Jaunzems won with their architectural project. The Observation terrace was built in 2012 and it has also won Latvian Architecture Award. Photographies of the Observation terrace have also been published in the international landscape magazine “International New Landscape”.

Another special object - stone of Hiroshima Peace that was gifted to Latvian president (2007–2011) Valdis Zatlers - is located next to Observation terrace.