The Multifunctional center

The Multifunctional center with a beautiful view to Koknese church will be built next to the historic Riga-Moscow highway. Its project is made in architecture bureau “ARHIS Arhitekti”.

The Multifunctional center has a unique architecture – its mountain-like design represents the symbolic idea of the Garden of Destiny – moving from past to future. Rooftop of the building will serve as an observation terrace. There will be two conference halls, café and restaurant in the Multifunctional center that will allow to organize concerts and other events all year round.

Engineering and technical solutions of the building will include natural ventilation and the usage of heath of earth and sun power. Local material dolomite and glass facade will be used in wall finish. The building of the Multifunctional center was started in 2016 with the support of Republic of Latvia Parliament.