The amphitheater is the heart of the Garden symbolically dividing the past from the future. The amphitheatre is the central energy of the Garden and draws its strength from the blossoming apple trees, and peace and endurance from the massive stone formation: “the silver sunset”.

The Garden of Destiny friedship avenue

The friendship avenue will be paved with 113 000 locally sourced and cut cobblestones engraved with the name of the donor or of their nominated beneficiary.


The observation terrace is made to harmonise with its surroundings, the Koknese peninsula, emphasizing its unique contours. It is a place where visitors can experience an outstanding view of the Daugava river and the Koknese church.

The Big Mountain

The Big Mountain is located between The Garden of Destiny Friend alley and the forest. The Big Mountain will be 12,5 meters high and will offer a view of the complex of The Garden of Destiny.

Veteran athletes’ memorial site

Memorial place for Latvian repressed athletes is made by sculptor Ojārs Feldbergs using selected boulders.

Digital exposition Liktens gāte

​The central object of Garden’s past part will be the digital exposition Liktens gāte

Multifunctional center

The Multifunctional center with a beautiful view to Koknese church will be built next to the historic Riga-Moscow highway. Its project is made in architecture bureau “ARHIS Arhitekti”.

Heart stone

The Heart stone, has been adopted as the symbol of love for the Garden of Destiny.